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About the writer

Hello folks, my name is Chris Link. I’m 36 and I live the famous small town of Floyd, VA. I am a washed-up, has-been songwriter in this great land of opportunity. Have you heard any of my work? I’d wager my livelihood that you have not.

The truth is, my life has been blessed, albeit not as glamorous as some. I’ve traveled the country with my band The Deer Run Drifters, played countless music festivals, and shared stages with emerging talents who have now become the frontrunners in modern Americana music.

In 2016, I was faced with a decision and a harsh realization. I learned throughout the years not everyone is cut out to be a road dog. I parked the old Chevy Van and hung up
the Rosewood Gibson like so many blue-collar brethren before me. I traded in all those endless nights of free PBR tall boys for a modest patch of dirt I can call my own.

Every so often, on a dark neon-tinged Friday night, I can still hear the feedback buzzing, smell the cigarettes, and taste that goddamned cheap-ass beer. Man, do I miss that beer….

Despite the years passing by, my love for music, writing, and the camaraderie of both newcomers and veterans remains unwavering. I yearn for those times in the trenches with passionate artists who had something to say. I miss sharing my nights with the seasoned road dogs who sacrificed everything for the troubadour lifestyle.

RootsnReverly has given me another seat at “the table” I missed so dearly. I take this opportunity very seriously and will, to the best of my ability, bring forth a unique and inside perspective to the genre. It is my goal to focus on the positive aspects of each project, article, or review that I publish here.

I’ve been on the flip side of the coin, and I personally know how much these artists put into their work. Their songs are an extension of themselves, sometimes years in the making, but in the end, regardless of blood sweat, and tears…. Sometimes you just fail. That’s how we learn folks. There’s enough meanness in the world without me kicking the proverbial “can” down the road.

In the grand scheme of things, art is subjective, opinions are like assholes, and I’m often reminded that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I’m continually humbled by anyone who cares about my perspective. I’m here solely to share my love and knowledge of music and the culture that envelops it.

Thank you once again for this opportunity.



“The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”

       -Ray Wylie Hubbard